Monday, 27 June 2011


Salam bro,
Owh by the way my name is acik..

Well done!
first of all i want to list what the stupid! thing just happen Lately

1. I making crap of my lovely blogs.. Dame!.. its happen last day actuly.. (i dont remember the day).. Actuly i was try to make my blog look gorges!.. I looking for something new theme for my page. Then i search in the Google and i find a couple thing theme seems look great.. then i transform it to my block suddenly all the data gone.. ARggggg...

2. ARghhh lepas data semua gone aku try nak wat balik but jadi cam haram.. so menyebabkan aku malas aa nak ubdate blog ni.. lom lagi tu

3. bole pulak aku tersasul cakap gan mamber aku ni.. last she mad at me.. DAME! i hate somethings like that... hurmm babe sory i dont mine that.. babe tak maw gado2 tak best aa tak best tak best tak maw gadoooo... suka tengok u gelak2 sakan.. best best.. I promise that "that thing (all shit talking)" never be again..

4. making my life troble.. arghhhh aku nak sangat bold 3 but duit tak cukup.. then i borrow some money .. yest to bye that bb larh.. u know what! aku leh beli hp lain arghhhhhhhhh.. dan menyebabkan aku tak leh beli bb.. alorhhh.. nak bb bold nak bb bold 3 last duit takda.. MENCI! aaa

5. Aku rasa suck gilee.. sebab.. aku takda lesen kate lagi.. arggghh aku nak pakai kate lorh please.. aku nak lesen tapi aku takda masa nak ambik lesen ter sebut DAME!!

6. aaaraaaaaghhh keje BANYAK! dan yang paling suck aku leh buat bodo jew.. nyawa dah kat idung baru aa nak start buat siotttt!!!

7. suck aaaa

dah MORAL jgn memain banyak sangat!

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